April 2012

Judaism is not Zionism


The first step between a font design and the cast type is punchcutting. Here a soot impression of the original design is transferred to a metal plate and engraved to form a mold. Later the type will be made from this mold.

It is important when answering this question, to understand that the very asking has in it either a deceit or a misconception. Zionism is not a philosophy and while it has elements of ideology in it, it lacks altogether anything systematic or comprehensive enough to qualify itself as even an ideology. Which is not to say it is altogether formless. Its one predominant trait or quality is deception or more specifically the ‘urge to deceive’. And therefore, and this is extremely important to understand, it changes its form as the situation demands.It may very well be that this almost pathological insistence upon ‘permeability’ and defiance of ever receiving upon itself a definition, is in itself the essence of its creed and therefore a kind of ideology. But an ideology which lacks an ideal is a contradictio in adjectiva at which sound human logic must balk in accepting.Even the wretched Nazi regime had an overarching ideal toward which it strove and exhorted even by force its frightened citizens to embrace, however illusory that ideal may have been.

Zionism is a demonic entity which uses mankind as its medium. As such, it is not surprising to discover that it defies definition. Like any demon which can assume now this shape now another, zionism is no different. One is reminded of that mythological concept called Proteus, the first material, which was deified in Roman and Greek culture as an entity which could allude any attempt at capture by becoming now a bear now a lion now a rabbit. Zionism has such a nature—if one may call it that. Its chief desire is to avoid detection by disguising its true face—which is so morally repugnant that if it were known by the majority of men for what it really is would be shunned like the most pernicious virus to ever ravage mankind. But the demonic is clever and the zionist demon is exceedingly clever and deceiving all who come within its cursed shadow is what it does best. If we could pin him down as Apollo did Proteus, according to the mythical story, and look directly into his face we would see not fascism but the very essence of fascism. That is, the undiluted potency of such a social disorder in its most terrifying and debilitating aspect: of the sort that has wrapped itself around the world today threatening to choke it in its serpentine grasp. But lacking this form of supreme power, as the myth attributes to Apollo, we must work like scientists in the field and catalog our observations over a period of time. So that when we see someone say in the shape and scurrilous visage of Mother Courage limping across the stage of world history—looking oddly enough like Golda Meir—begging the world for legitimacy, we will at least recognize the manifestation. Or if we should likewise see the scholarly and pious rabbinical scholar writing erudite books on killing non-Jews for the sake of national zionist purity or advocating the perversions of something he refers to as religious zionism, we would again recognize just one more manifestation of the same demonic force. Or likewise, if we were to see a somewhat pot-bellied and balding prime minister of the only democratic nation in the Middle East in his ill fitting three piece suit haranguing the United Nations for holding his country to moral double-standards and the like again we would recognize yet another manifestation of the same demonic force. To be sure, this low-life gangster street hustler demon has other personas in which to dress. Only a full cataloging of such behaviors would satisfy our requirement to define what in essence defies rational analysis because of its demonic quality. I personally have noticed that all those infected by zionism have no sense of humor and are prone to violent unexpected and embarrassing displays of maudlinism. One must merely listen to Israeli folk music to verify this as accurate. But most importantly one most recognize that zionism is a spiritual disorder and not a particular person. As such, anyone afflicted by it should be viewed as one who can potentially free themselves. The enemy should always be the inimical force behind all the changing circumstances and not anyone particular individual. Many anti-zionist books and criticism have lost their effective meaning by becoming merely attacks on individual behavior and not the sickness at the root of it and which is its cause.

Lebanese monastery to archive first Arabic Bible, thousands of manuscripts

The spectacular imagery of a sun-diving comet was caught on the Soho satellite feed April 23rd, shortly after the comet’s death plunge a large Halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed and appears to have earth directed components. Impact on the earths magnetic field is expected sometime April 27th.

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