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4 Responses to “About”

  1. noel1achas Says:

    Is your name Nefesh Achas? It means “One Soul” in Classical Hebrew. My surname is also Achas. Nice to see another Achas.

    1. Nefesh Achas Says:

      yes, one soul is correct. Greetings.

      1. noel1achas Says:

        I am a Filipino, but our great-grandfather, Roco Achas, was said to have migrated to the Philippines from nowhere in the 1800’s. He acquired some properties and married a native of noble lineage. He was asked to change his surname to something Spanish but he did not. He became a local leader and fought in the revolution against Spain and later against the United States. Eventually, he was captured by the American forces and hang upside down. His properties were divided among the American collaborators during the Filipino-American war. I do not know if there is anything Jewish about us but I read that Ashkenazis have a high IQ which I can say is predominant among Roco’s descendants. They are also mostly inherently disciplined, strict and somewhat different in behavior and attitude. Is it in their genes? There are other things like when my daughter, Ishael, was born, she had an unknown genetic order and only lived for 20 months (there were times that I and my wife would witness her in a trance and in prayer in a language we cannot understand, her behavior was also very refined, nearly holy); an uncle of mine, Ben, met an Orthodox priest in Alaska and introduced himself as an Achas, the priest embraced my uncle and declared that my uncle is a relative of Jesus Christ. Anyway, it might not be your interest, thank you for your time reading. I am only sharing the life of another Achas in this part of the world. Thank you Nefesh.

      2. Nefesh Achas Says:

        that is a fascinating story. Maybe you are Sephardic?

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