It is possible to legitimize the State of Israel by de-legitimizing it.When we refer to it as a colonial enterprise or an apartheid regime it indirectly grants a degree of viability which the state does not deserve. We imply that somehow if the state would cease its current behavior it would regain respect in the eyes of its critics and function as one along with the sound nations of the earth. But this cannot be true. It should not be true. The state of Israel, by its very existence embodies the acceptance of a pervasive falsehood that it is a state at all. Only de facto, has the state of Israel won its name as a partner among nations but de jure never. To break the laws which all true civilizations hold dear in order to obtain the desired end of nationhood is to forfeit that end ad perpetuam. The state of Israel has never achieved real statehood.

The state of Israel is a fraud broadcasted daily upon the public consciousness and by opposing it in the name of apartheid or colonialism we have in some measure sanctified the false entity with the name of Truth. We have in effect said: Yes, while it is true you are not a good state, you are nonetheless a state.It is important to always hold in our minds that even if Israel were to lead the world in respect of human rights it would still be a de-sanctification of the Holy Torah. We do not want the state of Israel to mend itself, we want that it should simply disappear. It is the fate of all illusions to flee before the light of Truth. One day, the illusory state of Israel will melt before this Light. His Light, may it be soon.


I came across an article entitled A Response to Joseph Massad’s “Theses on Zionism” posted on

This article is by far more insightful than the watery stuff in the article it is responding to. Whenever I see that truly racist nonsense like ‘it remains utterly uncontroversial that modern European Jews, who are descendants of European converts to Judaism who were and are foreign to Palestine’s geography’, I know I am reading the opinion of a foolish mind. (more…)

The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

It is always the case when protesting some aspect of the ill-conceived Jewish state that one not lose perspective regarding what is ultimately the real problem. Often when attacking some particular misdeed of the zionist heresy it is easy to overlook the evil of the zionist heresy in general. The insistence upon having and maintaining a Jewish homeland in accordance with all the laws and customs of every other nation is a denial of the God of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov whether this state is governed with or without the Torah.

this post is in response to the following event: Jewish Women Activists In Confrontation At Western Wall

The integrity of the western wall was violated long ago when the zionist terrorists under the disguise of liberators wrested this land from the Arab people by force in the mid 60s and made this wall the very essence and symbol of zionism itself. Since then the very act of going there to pray has itself become an affront to the holy name of God. By praying there a person joins forces with the heretical zionist state and shows in some measure to the world at large that the heretical enterprise of the zionists is in accordance with all that Yiddishkeit has held dear for 1000s of years, God forbid. (more…)

“Children aged 15-18 are killing a child their own age with their own hands. Really with their own hands. Children who’s hearts were unmoved when they beat to death a boy their age who lay writhing on the floor”

As long as they deflect the true problem and pretend that its is some far fetched ‘existential’ threat coming from Iran they may very well burn themselves to the ground.

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