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This article is by far more insightful than the watery stuff in the article it is responding to. Whenever I see that truly racist nonsense like ‘it remains utterly uncontroversial that modern European Jews, who are descendants of European converts to Judaism who were and are foreign to Palestine’s geography’, I know I am reading the opinion of a foolish mind. (more…)

The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

It is always the case when protesting some aspect of the ill-conceived Jewish state that one not lose perspective regarding what is ultimately the real problem. Often when attacking some particular misdeed of the zionist heresy it is easy to overlook the evil of the zionist heresy in general. The insistence upon having and maintaining a Jewish homeland in accordance with all the laws and customs of every other nation is a denial of the God of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov whether this state is governed with or without the Torah.

this post is in response to the following event: Jewish Women Activists In Confrontation At Western Wall

The integrity of the western wall was violated long ago when the zionist terrorists under the disguise of liberators wrested this land from the Arab people by force in the mid 60s and made this wall the very essence and symbol of zionism itself. Since then the very act of going there to pray has itself become an affront to the holy name of God. By praying there a person joins forces with the heretical zionist state and shows in some measure to the world at large that the heretical enterprise of the zionists is in accordance with all that Yiddishkeit has held dear for 1000s of years, God forbid. (more…)

The Satmar Rebbe is most famous for his defiant opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel. In the prewar years, he was influenced by the anti-Zionist theology of the Munkatsher rebbe, Ḥayim El‘azar Shapira. In 1922,The Satmar Rebbe was a leading participant in the anti-Zionist rabbinical congress organized by Shapira in Czap, Slovakia. His signature appeared first—among those of many distinguished and more elderly ultra-Orthodox Hasidic rabbis from Galicia, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia—on a declaration drafted at the conclusion of the Czap congress that excommunicated not only the Zionists, but also the Orthodox, non-Zionist Agudas Yisroel movement for its alleged concessions to Zionist ideology and participation in Zionist political activities. After the death of the Munkatsher rebbe in 1934,The Satmar Rebbe emerged as the Jewish world’s most learned, eloquent, and prolific rabbinical opponent of the Zionist enterprise. His uncompromising opposition to Zionism—and, after 1948, to any manifestations of Jewish life and thought even remotely associated with the State of Israel—became his central obsession, one that deepened with each of Israel’s political and military successes.

Among his many writings, two systematic and extensive anti-Zionist polemics stand out. The first, composed over an extended period beginning in 1932, was the three-volume collection Va-Yo’el Mosheh (1959–1961), the most detailed and scholarly rabbinic argument against Zionism ever written. The first, and theologically most significant, part of this work is an exploration of the “three oaths” that, according to the Talmud, the exiled nation of Israel swore to God, committing the Jewish people to political quietism: they would not rebel against the nations of the world or attempt an organized national return to the Land of Israel until the final, supernatural messianic deliverance. The second part deals with—or, more precisely, dismisses—the biblical commandment to dwell in the Land of Israel; the third part forbids the use of modern Hebrew as a spoken language.

The Satmar Rebbe’s other major polemic, ‘Al ha-ge’ulah ve-‘al ha-temurah (On the Redemption and on Its False Replacement; 1967), written in the aftermath of the 1967 war, elaborated a demonological and apocalyptic interpretation of modern Jewish history according to which Zionism and Israel were the agents of Satan. In his view, Israel’s stunning military success was, literally, the devil’s work, and the Holocaust was a consequence of God’s need to deal brutally with Satanic forces that Zionism had unleashed.

Despite certain and unequivocal foreknowledge of impending disaster for Jews in Arabic lands in the wake of a proposed partition of a state called ‘Israel’, the wretched zionist venture was pushed forward anyway and the partition became a fait accompli and the blood of Jewish people flowed in the streets of Syria Iran Iraq and Yemen. The preservation of Jewish lives and property and culture was never high in priority on the zionist list of things to be achieved. For these apostate rebels the creation of a state was above any question of human life–and it is this utilitarian principle (as ugly on its face as it is in its heart) which sets the whole zionist venture in complete opposition to the Holy Torah which never ever permits the sacrifice of a single human life (Nefesh Achas!) for the greater good under ANY circumstance NOT EVEN THE SALVATION OF THE ENTIRE JEWISH NATION!!!

Here is an unbelievable confession, and based on fact, that the whole evil zionist enterprise never had at its intention the salvation of a single Jewish soul—but on the contary the destruction of all true Jewish Torah-based culture. How could these Jewish communities which lived and thrived in Iraq and Yemen for more than 2500 years be completely uprooted and never allowed to grow back if not through demonic deception and fasle-flagism? And where did this demonic deception and fasle-flagism originate if not in the black hearts of the founders of the heretical state of zion which they deviously called “Israel” to further deceive the world?

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