Let’s try and clear up something right now.  An awful lot has been said recently by way of comparing Donald® the mascot of Trump Inc. to Adolf Hitler. Some people see the comparison as valid while others strenuously argue that it is preposterous to make such an exaggerated claim. And while there is something about the Hitler phenomenon which indeed resonates with our current political crisis, there is much which cannot compare. However, at the root of this truly hackneyed comparison there is a relevant truth which should not be overlooked and does shed some light on the present phenomenon.aaa

The two characters are similar in genus but dissimilar in species. That which manifests itself in both cases is quite clearly the authoritarian and perhaps pathological narcissist. But there is a difference. Looking at the chart below, we can easily identify Hitler as the truly sine qua non “malignant narcissist”. We can with equal certainty classify our peculiar American species of authoritarian narcissism, as it is currently being revealed on the national stage, as  as a manifestation without doubt of the “unprincipled narcissist”.

Lets first try this simple exercise. Lets do Hitler first. Imagine if you will for a moment all that history has offered to posterity as grisly portrait of that great architect of global misery. Was he fearless? Some say he was but its not the first thing that comes to mind.Remorseless? Yes.Calculating? Exceptionally. Ruthless? To a fault. Inhumane, callous, brutal? To everyone except his dog Fritz. Aggressive, biting, merciless, vicious, cruel? All of the above. Did he anticipate betrayal? Yeah, he was a little paranoid come to think of it. Did he desire revenge? Well, lets just say forgiveness was not one of his strong points. Was he homicidal? Half of Europe and Russian lay wasted at his feet before he got thru. And finally, was he suicidal? Come to think of it, he did die with a gun in his mouth and half his Austrian brains splattered on the floor and a hearty dose of strychnine coursing thru his veins. So, the clinical and ‘a priori’ so to speak definition fits pretty darn well.

Now, we turn our attention to the American brand of authoritarian narcissism.I have said that Donald® the mascot fits into the category of the “unprincipled narcissist”. So, lets ask ourselves, does he possess a deficient conscience? Sure looks that way.Is he unscrupulous? Without a doubt. Amoral? Yes! Disloyal? Wait a minute, I forget is he a Democrat or a Republican? .Is he ever fraudulent? Ask the mafia. Deceptive? I wouldn’t buy a used car from him. Arrogant? To an embarrassing degree. A con man? He used to sell snake oil. A charlatan? Holy shit! we hit the jackpot! It fits like a glove. Even better.

Sure, there have been many presidents branded as one type of narcissist or the other. It would be hard to say that Nixon wasn’t one. Some have accused the current president of being such. To aspire to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world might require some degree of narcissism. But that is not to say it must be pathological. But when it is pathological and at the same time manages to get seated on the highest chair in the land it can only spell disaster. For the good of the Republic we must prevent such a man from gaining the coveted prize.


The 5 Types of Narcissist

Subtype Description Personality Traits
Unprincipled narcissist Including antisocial features. Deficient conscience; unscrupulous, amoral, disloyal, fraudulent, deceptive, arrogant, exploitive; a con man and charlatan; dominating, contemptuous, vindictive.
Amorous narcissist Including histrionic features. Sexually seductive, enticing, beguiling, tantalizing; glib and clever; disinclines real intimacy; indulges hedonistic desires; bewitches and inveigles others; pathological lying and swindling.
Compensatory narcissist Including negativistic and avoidant features Seeks to counteract or cancel out deep feelings of inferiority and lack of self-esteem; offsets deficits by creating illusions of being superior, exceptional, admirable, noteworthy; self-worth results from self-enhancement.
Elitist narcissist Variant of “pure” pattern. Feels privileged and empowered by virtue of special childhood status and pseudo achievements; entitled façade bears little relation to reality; seeks favored and good life; is upwardly mobile; cultivates special status and advantages by association.
Malignant narcissist Including antisocial, sadistic and paranoid features. The purest form of evil, a person that idealizes his violent and brutal ways, has no other emotion than anger and resentment, amoral and void of a conscience, a brutal and vicious individual, who has been traumatized and wants revenge on those who have caused the trauma. Fearless, guiltless, remorseless, calculating, ruthless, inhumane, callous, brutal, rancorous, aggressive, biting, merciless, vicious, cruel, spiteful, ; hateful and jealous; anticipates betrayal and seeks punishment; desires revenge; Has been isolated, and is often suicidal, and is homicidal.