I came across an article entitled A Response to Joseph Massad’s “Theses on Zionism” posted on counterpunch.com.

This article is by far more insightful than the watery stuff in the article it is responding to. Whenever I see that truly racist nonsense like ‘it remains utterly uncontroversial that modern European Jews, who are descendants of European converts to Judaism who were and are foreign to Palestine’s geography’, I know I am reading the opinion of a foolish mind. Racism is racism whether the one who employs it be white or black Jew or Muslim pro-Palestinian or zionist to the core, it still smells the same vile smell. In Massad’s article, I could tell right from the beginning he was going to start harping on that Khuzari thing ‘Jews aren’t really Jews’ garbage. And sure enough, there it was in the fifth paragraph. At any rate, Clark’s response is far more intelligent and far less racists. I would disagree with this one point made by Clark, however:

the Judeocide happened because of Nazi Germany, not because there was no Jewish state.

I would amend it to read that it happened BECAUSE the zionists needed to create a Jewish state.

But this is right on the money:

reject the Zionist idea of “the Jewish people” in whose name the state of Israel and organized Jewry act

The whole modern-day maudlin routine of “the Jewish people” is a zionist creation.* There is not one mention in the entire Torah of such an entity. Nowhere is anyone ever referred to as Jewish. Nowhere is there any suggestion about a cultural entity called “the Jewish people”. No, the zionists try but fail to reach and destroy that wondrous essence of a soul upon which the Almighty Himself has poured his inner-most light. They can keep their racist “the Jewish people”, I will take the children of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov any day.

*I am not by any means contradicting what I said at the beginning of this post. There it was a question of essence which I was attacking. But here, it is really a matter of semantics, but just as important.