The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

The holy Satmar Rebbe of blessed memory. זכר צדיק לברכה.

It is always the case when protesting some aspect of the ill-conceived Jewish state that one not lose perspective regarding what is ultimately the real problem. Often when attacking some particular misdeed of the zionist heresy it is easy to overlook the evil of the zionist heresy in general. The insistence upon having and maintaining a Jewish homeland in accordance with all the laws and customs of every other nation is a denial of the God of Abraham Isaac and Yaakov whether this state is governed with or without the Torah.

If the zionist state decides to build a sports stadium a few blocks from the most religious neighborhood in J’lem it would certainly  offend the feelings of the orthodox inhabitants of that area. It would certainly trigger a protest. And in such a protest we would expect to see the most disparate elements of the orthodox world uniting to prevent the building of stadium so near the religious neighborhood. Such a secular affront to the religiously minded would no doubt draw protesters from the Eidah HaHaredis and the Agudah not to mention perhaps the participation of several prominent rabbis and even distinguished members(religious ones only, to be sure) of the knesset. And let’s say, for the sake of this example, the powerful demonstration of true purity and holiness against the evil secular government prevailed and the builders of this stadium were forced to build their disgraceful plan on the other side of J’lem. The protesters roll up their placards and drift off one by one each to his own home with a feeling of satisfaction with having helped turned the tide of filth and impurity upon itself and saved thereby the very sanctity of the religious neighborhood.

But several questions about this scenario begged to be asked. Firstly, has a victory really been scored against the forces of impurity? The protest was waged against a sports stadium being built in a particular neighborhood in J’lem. And now that the plan has been thwarted to some other part of J’lem the disbanded protest seems to be a fair indication that it does not bother anyone that a sports stadium is still in fact being built in J’lem, the ancient holy place of the Bais HaMikdash. Shouldn’t the religious sensibility of all still be offended that a stadium is being built in the holiest of all cities in the Jewish world or the entire land of Israel for that matter? So why has the protest disbanded? And secondly, is this the only outrage committed by the zionist government that actually bothers these people? Why not protest against the desecration of Shabbas or the selling of non-kosher meat or inter-marriage or any one of a number of transgressions committed daily by a secular society encouraged by an evil government intent upon uprooting the last vestiges of Judaism from every heart under its authority. A protest to be effective must ALWAYS be directed against the black heart of zionism in its entirety for only then will every action committed in its vile name be censured Zionism is Not Healthyand a sports stadium built anywhere in the holy land will be ALWAYS be seen as a sacrilege.

No doubt it is impossible to take exception to every misdemeanor but this is precisely the point: whenever the protest is directed at some particular act and not at the very root of the spiritual disorder, meaning zionism, there is always going to be some residual doubt as to whether or not the very essence of zionism is being condoned by the protesters themselves. Even if the ever reprehensible nature of zionism is intentionally being passed over for the time being  there is always a danger that by censuring the particular act one will come to eventually forget about the general disorder which lies always at the root of the misdemeanor. And this indeed does happen. Many people and even some entire groups who were initially and fervently opposed to zionism, by misdirecting their energy and focusing on some subsidiary issue away from the root poison have become so disoriented that they eventually become zionist themselves. Is this not in essence the whole salacious story of the Agudah in a nutshell? or of the watered down version of the Eidah which mocks and slanders today its own holy origin?

It is precisely this sort of scenario which is playing itself out with the massive protest against drafting yeshiva students. We must ask, and are morally compelled to ask: is it just the idea of drafting yeshiva students that bothers them?  Is it acceptable that they draft young girls? is it acceptable that they draft young men at all? Is the life of a secular Jewish soul of so little value to them that they do not protest against the fact that there is draft in any form whatsoever? And what about all the egregious examples of immorality committed daily and hourly by the minute and around the clock 7 days a week by this heretical zionist entity the spilling of innocent Arab blood and the heartless abuse of their basic human rights the relentless incitement of the entire world to violence the overall desecration of God’s Holy Name committed again and again without a single word of disapproval by these religious rabbis and their constituents? Do none of these things bother them? And yet when it comes to the drafting of a yeshiva student then they protest! then they pull their long holy beards and cry Vye! By maintaining their overall silence about the evils of the zionist entity they have forfeited the right to any form of protest at all. And when they do protest the only thing that is really evident to the unsurprised world witnessing all this from a distance, is their monumental hypocrisy. A group of rabbis who have no moral authority to their credit from the past cannot borrow it for even a few moments of reckless protest on a Sunday afternoon.  And should the secular zionist state of impious renege and seek rather to offer an infinite number of draft deferments, does the state then become acceptable in the eyes of the haredim?The Golden Calf

As the haredim see the situation, they are accused of not sharing in the national burden of defense. They are accused of using national funds for studying Torah and not giving anything in return. They are called freeloaders. The rabbis claim, quite to the contrary, they are the true protectors of the nation and therefore share already in the burden—perhaps even more than their irreligious counterparts. They are not the real freeloaders but the so-called chilonim who neither serve God nor study his Holy Torah in His Holy Land they are the real freeloaders and parasites. On the contrary, the so-called haredim by fulfilling in the true and complete sense of the term their “duty” to God, redeem at the same time the scandalous desecration of the holy land by these worthless chilonim. In fact, were it not for the purity and holiness of these haredim God would have long ago poured out his cup of wrath upon these impious ones as He did in Sodom long ago. But the merit of the holy ones of Israel and their good deeds and general piety have shielded the entire Jewish nation from absolute destruction. But the evil chilonim, the true Amelikites (along with the Arabs of course) being spiritually diseased and in some cases uncircumcised, have conspired among themselves in the pitiful depths of their ignorance, to destroy this wondrous and holy barrier of their own protection formed both literally and figuratively by the holy words of the haredim as they pray or learn Torah in the zionist state and perform their good deeds. By seeking to enact a new law whereby all yeshiva students will no longer be deferred from the national draft, the evil and violent chilonim have decreed death upon the sacred members of what the ‘gedolei shlit”a’ pompously refer to as ‘clal Yisroel’[1].

Apart from the general insanity of their position(truly worthy of a character in a novel not much unlike that of Don Quixote) and granting them for a moment their point of view, would it not be prudent if each one of these rabbis in a fleeting solitary moment ask himself if he really wants to have so large a share in sustaining so monstrous a chimera as a Jewish state?

“Cambiar el mundo, amigo Sancho, que no es locura ni utopía. Sino justicia.”  Don Quijote

“Cambiar el mundo, amigo Sancho, que no es locura ni utopía. Sino justicia.” Don Quijote

Each ‘gadol hador’ vies with the other contending for this coveted place in history of being the supreme sustainer of the zionist entity. If it were not so disgraceful it would be funny. Even dogs have enough sense not to fight over their own vomit but apparently not these men. According to them the entire existence and longevity of the most shameful event in Jewish history is directly traceable back to them. But of these corrupted souls the wisdom of the world’s wisest king has already informed us:

Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.

Therefore, although we grieve for such violence committed against the truth, we should not be dismayed.

The ‘maranan urabanam’ in the Jewish State today with a simple wave of the hand would erase or hide the historical chain of events which has led them to become the chief apologists for the zionist conspiracy. Instead of seeing how they are the whore and kept mistress of Asmodae the usurper of the Scion of King David, they hold themselves up to the eyes of the entire world as the protectors of all that is holy and sacred and quite presumptuously claim “Toras Moishe” as their true heritage. Without taking into account the basis of the state in which they live they will never be able to see how great is the shame they have brought upon the Holy Torah and the Holy Name of God. And by deliberately denying the heretical nature of this state they will never see that it is they chiefly who perpetuate the zionist rebellion against the Almighty. Every time they fight for the holiness of the Torah in the zionist state they are disgracing His Holy Name. Because their fight for the Torah in the Jewish homeland is really a fight for the triumph of zionism in the name of the Torah. It is a validation of the pernicious lie that seems to have fooled almost everyone which claims that a medina with Torah is not zionism. A medina, a Jewish homeland with or without Torah is a rebellion against God. And who knows but that a medina with Torah would be  far far worse than anything that came before.

Don QuixoteThe situation of the haredi community living in the Jewish homeland is toto genere distinct from any previous situation in the long years of exile among the nations. In the past it was quite possible to truthfully employ the following words taken from a recent ‘special proclamation of maranan verabonon, the gedolei Yisroel’ under the heading: “Eis Tzoro hi leYaakov” reads:

Only haTorah hakedosha protected Am Yisroel, when it was an itinerant people, persecuted and tortured by the nations of the world. It is only the Torah hakedosha which enabled the Jewish Nation to remain strong in its belief, and to anticipate the full Geula, quickly in our times.[2]

All this was true when the Jewish people had submissively accepted upon themselves the yoke of exile. And all this was true when the phrase ‘Jewish Nation’ meant what it did before the foundation of the Jewish state which stole the name of Yaakov our father and committed all manner of atrocities in his name, God forbid. But with the wholesale desecration of the 3 Oaths which until now had formed the foundation of our faith IN EXILE until the coming of our longed-for redeemer, the use of those words quoted above in defense of a haredi world enjoying the security of a zionist state is absolute heresy beyond the shadow of any doubt. By using the same words which were valid for all Jews before the apostasy of a national homeland, in order to defend themselves within the zionist state is a deliberate and wicked action aimed only at confusing the Truth with falsehood. It is an arrogant attempt to turn the God-appointed order and arrangement of the entire creation on its head  in order to justify one’s sinful position to others.

In former times Jews bore the painful decrees of exile in silence and preserved their identity by strengthening that inscrutable and sacred bond with God and His Torah without public protest. And the preservation of this identity over centuries in spite of the oppressor’s overwhelming might has won respect in the eyes of all who have suffered for a just and worthy cause.  Then it was true that only the sacred Torah and faith in the One who gave it to them was their rock and their salvation.

In former times Jews bore the painful decrees of exile in silence and preserved their identity by strengthening that inscrutable and sacred bond with God and His Torah without public protest.

In former times Jews bore the painful decrees of exile in silence and preserved their identity by strengthening that inscrutable and sacred bond with God and His Torah without public protest.

But it is a mockery of its entire glorious past when the gedolei shlit”a pretend the same when surrounded by the most powerful military force known to history; a military force, moreover, gathered under a flag known throughout the world today as the Israeli flag and in a state moreover known throughout the world today as the State of Israel. They have enjoyed the illicit pleasure of this illegitimate state for nearly 70 years with furloughs and state sponsored healthcare and state sponsored Torah learning. They have given this monstrosity called the Jewish homeland a sanctity it never deserved against all the pleas and warnings of the great spiritual masters of the previous generation. They have gorged themselves for decades at the table of Ahasverus without ever once considering that the food was not clean or that the wine was impure. And now that they have been forced to see, and this only in small part, the fruits of their folly, instead of taking upon themselves the time-honored practice of purification and repentance they rebel against their masters and go into the street to protest before the eyes of the whole world! clothing the nature of their rebellion in the clothes of righteousness and piety!

If it is true on the one hand that the torah learning of this community has contributed to the health and longevity of the zionist state then it is a form of divine punishment that their sons are being called for the draft. On the other hand, if it is not true and that rather they have been free-loaders and parasites at the expense of the zionist state they should share in the national burden of the state. And why shouldn’t they? Are the haredim not the greatest and most powerful proponents of a Jewish state in the entire world? Would it not then be according to them a mitzvah d’oraisa  to defend the nation with arms? And why would this mitzvah be in any way secondary to that of learning the Torah? This difficult juncture has been a long time in coming and these rabbis falsely deemed the gedolei shlit”a have chosen out of their own blindness and arrogance to bring an entire generation into mortal danger. Instead of looking for reasonable alternatives to draft deferment or learning Torah in other parts of the world they have maintained their attachment to the zionist state biting into its skin with greater and greater ferocity refusing at any cost to let go even when it brings great harm to the cause of Torah study both there and throughout the world. Now it is too late and their assiduous calls for prayer and protest are sheer hypocrisy and only serve to hide their complete negligence in avoiding this disaster. It was of them that the prophet Ezekiel spoke when he said

Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed only themselves! should not the shepherds feed their flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock. The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, neither have ye sought that which was lost; but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them.

And their counterparts, the rabbis of the diaspora, are hypnotized by their call and without a single exception mindlessly do what they are told and bid their followers do the same. No one sees no one thinks and no one dare raise a hand in favor of another point of view. The Truth is of no relevance when only conformity to a single rule for all is demanded. And this conformity in the end becomes more sacred than the truth itself. And it is in lock-step to the maintenance of this conformity that whole nations have marched with open eyes to their own destruction.