this post is in response to the following event: Jewish Women Activists In Confrontation At Western Wall

The integrity of the western wall was violated long ago when the zionist terrorists under the disguise of liberators wrested this land from the Arab people by force in the mid 60s and made this wall the very essence and symbol of zionism itself. Since then the very act of going there to pray has itself become an affront to the holy name of God. By praying there a person joins forces with the heretical zionist state and shows in some measure to the world at large that the heretical enterprise of the zionists is in accordance with all that Yiddishkeit has held dear for 1000s of years, God forbid. It was not in vain that the handful of truly holy men who at that time were still living in the old yishuv of J’lem ceased going there and requested that others also cease going there. If women want to go there and pray with a talis and tefillin, it is of no great import. The desecration of tradition is significant but it is dwarfed by the far greater desecration of the entire Holy Land by the zionist enterprise which has continued without interruption now for more than 100 years. The greater scandal here is the hypocrisy of the Torah observant Jews themselves and their appointed gedolim.

Women Praying at the Western Wall

If they truly wish to ‘show to the world’ how the sanctity of the western wall is to be maintained they should keep their mouths shut and not go there at all. For nearly 65 years since the unfortunate establishment of this monstrosity called the Jewish Homeland, these rabbis have been in complete collusion with said monstrosity. They have reaped personal fortunes and maintained positions of no little honor because of their collusion with said monstrosity. And they have therefore by their own actions given said monstrosity an appearance of moral sanctity. If anything is morally offensive here it is this collusion. By constantly confusing the inviolable sanctity of the Torah with the perversion of a Jewish homeland, these state-supporting state-supported rabbis have done more harm to Yiddishkeit than the zionists themselves.
It goes without saying that it is not in keeping with the sanctity of the Wall that a group of women spit upon an age old tradition and pray there wrapped in talis and tefillin. The whole world, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike, sees this and understands this. It does not require an act of protest to emphasize this point. What is less apparent is how a group of caftan-clad orthodox men spitting upon women and hurling rocks at them in a place as holy as the Western Wall does anything to promote the sanctity of this place. But what transcends the realm of the most profound reasoning and logic or even simple explanation is how a select handful of great Torah scholars in exchange for money and fame can sell their very souls to so foul an enterprise as a Jewish State. They cry about preserving the sanctity of a pile of stones while uprooting with both hands the very foundation of the Holy Torah! Who shall cry for this far greater desecration?

The Western Wall photo by J Kashemacher