Despite certain and unequivocal foreknowledge of impending disaster for Jews in Arabic lands in the wake of a proposed partition of a state called ‘Israel’, the wretched zionist venture was pushed forward anyway and the partition became a fait accompli and the blood of Jewish people flowed in the streets of Syria Iran Iraq and Yemen. The preservation of Jewish lives and property and culture was never high in priority on the zionist list of things to be achieved. For these apostate rebels the creation of a state was above any question of human life–and it is this utilitarian principle (as ugly on its face as it is in its heart) which sets the whole zionist venture in complete opposition to the Holy Torah which never ever permits the sacrifice of a single human life (Nefesh Achas!) for the greater good under ANY circumstance NOT EVEN THE SALVATION OF THE ENTIRE JEWISH NATION!!!

Here is an unbelievable confession, and based on fact, that the whole evil zionist enterprise never had at its intention the salvation of a single Jewish soul—but on the contary the destruction of all true Jewish Torah-based culture. How could these Jewish communities which lived and thrived in Iraq and Yemen for more than 2500 years be completely uprooted and never allowed to grow back if not through demonic deception and fasle-flagism? And where did this demonic deception and fasle-flagism originate if not in the black hearts of the founders of the heretical state of zion which they deviously called “Israel” to further deceive the world?