Mosaic Tile Medallion

While it is unlikely anyone can stop the usurper nation which deceptively calls itself “Israel” from forcing a great calamity upon the world by inciting a war against Iran, we must at least make the effort to combat the viscous propaganda this cheap imposter among the nations is disseminating without rest that the Islamic culture is a threat to the world. If anything has been true since the black day of its inception in Basel Switzerland in 1898, this band of miscreants and rebels against God who go under the false flag name of “Zionists”, has ever been the one and only threat to humanity. Worse than AIDS worse than cancer, a plague and a famine in one this fell and rogue nation shall one day and with the help of God cook in the same pot it has until now cooked the whole world. Like all enemies of humanity that arrogantly rise to subdue the world with naked and unsheathed violence, this demonic manifestation has its appointed time beyond which it cannot extend its terrifying rule not even for a single second. The world groans under the weight of this parasitic and reptilian force choking it from the very air it needs for life but the day is coming when, in the divine words of the great soul,the Chazon Ish of blessed memory, “We will go to the window and open it and behold, the zionists will be gone.”