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Here is a good reason why it was foolish for the Jewish people to take by force and before the time appointed by God, their own homeland. It has ever been the essence of the Jewish creed to treat with respect the nations of the world. Thru-out history in their long exile from the Holy Land, this respect was given. Only since the abomination of the ” State of Israel’ brought about in 1948, have they literally abandoned their age-old creed in exchange for yet another Golden Calf.

It is not wise to throw fire in the face of the nations. The God of Abraham Isaak and Jacob does not sleep. He sees all. These grave acts of arrogance against the nations will not go unpunished. Despite 67 years of seeming indifference,His patience shows signs of coming to an end. There will be a reckoning for this criminal state and every one of its acts has been recorded in a book by the Almighty himself. Divest your soul of this heresy before it is too late.The “State of Israel” has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. The day of its reckoning draws nigh. It shall not stand forever. The hour of its destruction speeds toward the present upon the terrible swift wings of Justice.

The Jewish People prior to the heretical zionist state in '48 respected the power of the nations in the shadow of whose protection they lived.The Satmar Rebbe zt''l blessing Franz Yosef I between the wars.